The Coachella Valley is home to 13,000 acres of premium table grapes.

Drip And Sprinkler Irrigation make this production possible in spite of the sandy, rocky soils of the desert. 

Mecca, CA

  • Other project responsibilities included:
    • Planting layout
    • Drip and overhead sprinkler irrigation system design
    • Governmental agency approval
    • Installation inspection and operational specifications

Drip & Sprinkler irrigation for 400 acre Red Flame Seedless grape planting was designed by OES.

Oasis, CA

  • 80 Acres new citrus planting layout
  • Reservoir design
  • Irrigation design
  • Filter design
    • 2010

Thermal, CA 

  • Conversion from flood irrigation to sprayer irrigation on 40 acres of existing date farm.
  • New irrigation and reservoir design
  • Pump and filter station
    • 2015


  • 400 acre apple orchard in Russia
  • Converted to drip irrigation
    • 1979