OES specializes in B.O.R. Irrigation Lateral Abandonments & Relocations


United States Bureau of Reclamation (B.O.R.) Irrigation Facilities with Unrecorded Right-of-Way are ideally discovered and incorporated into the planning stages of land development.

We can provide timely and effective leadership through this complex process with B.O.R. and Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD).

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Did you know...?

  • B.O.R. facilities...

    • can remain unknown or unaddressed until final entitlements are pursued or until construction begins.
    • are highly protected, strict enforcement of these federal rights-of-way can...
      • stop construction, and 
      • cause long project delays!

Thermal, CA

  • CVWD Lateral Relocations 
  • Nine (9) different locations
    • 2006

Indio, CA

  • Slip line over 400' of existing 36" RCP Irrigation Lateral with 30" seam weld PVC
  • Minimal excavation at each end
    • 2012