Olson Engineering System Is A Professional Civil Engineering Firm Specializing In Water Resource Management.

We are experts in transforming irrigation needs to comply with California's drought imposed restrictions!

Founded in 1976 by Ben Olson, a Civil and Agricultural Engineer who has been at the forefront of irrigation engineering and water resource management for more than 40 years.

We are based in the Coachella Valley and licensed in 6 Western states with over 70 years of combined experience. Olson Engineering System (OES) provides local expertise, as well as international experience, provides the most knowledgeable, efficient and reliable team. 

Designing Irrigation Systems Is A Unique Business

  • All agricultural regions are different!

    • You need an engineer with comprehensive experience who can give you personalized service.

  • OES has designed many irrigation systems in the Western United States and throughout the world!

    • including Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Russia, Mexico, and South Africa.

      • Whether you farm permanent crops or row crops, OES will design a system tailored to the specific needs of your operation.